Friday, December 15, 2006

Well Let's see if this Performancing Works

OK let's see if this post is seen, then we know that it all works right.

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I'm Back to Posting again after a awhile aways from a computer!

Well let's see I'm back after awhile from computers, and I will start
back to posting again will be trying to see what programs are working
to make money with this Blog thing. So watch my coming Post.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Just Starting this out!

Welcome to Nomadicwade's Place, here we will look at where or not a person can make a Residue Income starting with a low amount of income. First let start by saying this, Could a homeless Man with nothing, to start with get off the streets by working the Internet to build a Home Base Business? In the coming months We will see if the programs that the Gurus of the Internet SELL or are they all a scams? Will they be able to bring home the bacon! GOAL!!! Get a Residue Income of $1500 a month using free or nearly free software and websites.